Justin Seurer

When Justin Seurer was much, much, much younger, he knew for sure he would be a professional baseball player! That path led through one of the most prestigious baseball schools in the global hotbed of baseball … the University of South Dakota. Shortly after realizing that nobody wanted to pay Justin to play baseball, he decided to attend Law School and work for the professional athletes that MLB teams did want to pay. He founded the sports agency Midwest Sports Council in 2006 and is a licensed MLBPA agent.

Justin works for Bernstein Private Wealth where his passion and expertise benefit high worth individuals and their families, athletes, executives, business owners and institutions alike in discovering, defining and implementing tailored investment plans that balance their beliefs and objectives.

“I love everything about The JP4 Foundation, their Mission and Values. Most importantly, I am drawn to the passion that both Adam Barta and Jeff Huth have for bringing the sport of baseball to everyone. Jeff and Adam truly care about the life lessons that go beyond the sport, but can only be learned by playing the game.”

While Seurer is truly an All-Star for the JP4 Foundation, he has also been featured on big league fields as an All-Star as well!